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Space Battle [2 Carts Bundle]

Space Battle [2 Carts Bundle]
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Art.Nr.: LS2006C2
Space Battle [2 Carts Bundle]

The best pilots have gathered to ensure the survival of their respective clans.
This means you against the rest and only one can be victorious. You!
A Battle Royal extraordinaire on your Lynx.
Use Comlynx to compete with your friends and show them who the best pilot in space is.
This game wants to be played multiplayer! That's what it was made for and that guarantees you the most fun.

This is the Beta V3 prototype, which H. Dodgson last showed in 2000 at CGE, also allowing visitors to test it.
Finally, this homebrew multiplayer milestone is available to be played by the Lynx community once again.

The game is LGSS Carts compatible (Not availablevia Luchs Soft)

The release will contain:
- Curvedlip Style Cartridge
- Box
- Manual
- Poster
- Pin

Artwork by Jacek Selanski

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